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NYNY: anatomy of a love spell

So I don't know if I mentioned what type of pagan I consider myself, so a brief intro: I am totally a kitchen witch in the stone soup meaning of it all. Maybe a Conjurer in the looses meaning. So my spell work is totally pulled together in a mishmash way of traditions, celtic, trad. wicca, hoodoo, southern conjure, feri, candle spells, crystal magic, tarot, meditation, etc. and on wards. So, ummm, just keep that in mind looking at this entry. 

I did a money jar spell about 3 years ago and it really really worked... like it's been three years and my income has grown to be six times what it was then kind of successful. So, in the face of that wild success, I decided to try and do the same for my love life. Which, yea, I was actually afraid of. Still, kind of am in fact. Because after all the universe gave me what I asked for so well the first time, what the hell would it do with a second chance? It was really easy to gather all the components for the spell because I'm doing it basically the exact same way, just with the appropriate correspondences. In fact, I've had all these components for over a year now. Why the terribly long wait? There's that fear thing again. I've spent the last year doing a ton of cut and clear work, doing a ton of self-love rituals, doing a ton of reflection and asking myself what I really wanted in a partner, and I think I'm finally approaching a point where I can actually make this jar spell a reality.

The Shopping List:
One pink jar candle
Small (pocket rock size) Stones: rose quartz, pink opal, carnelian, red jasper, rhodonite
Two small lodestones that are attracted to each other (plus lodestone food and anointing oil)
Sweet on Me Oil
Everlasting Love Oil 
Pictures of Flowers:  Pink Zinnia, Tulip, Stock, Ivy, Sweet Alyssum, Red Camellia, Ambrosia, Black Byrony, Honeysuckle (bonus if you can figure out what my nosegay says!) 
List of desirable/wanted traits in a partner

The Plan:
Cut the pictures of the flowers out and modpodge them to the outside of the glass jar. put stones and oil into the candle. Put the petition list underneath the candle jar, have the two lodestones be about a foot apart from one another. Anoint the lodestones and give them a bit of food. Light the candle and let it burn all the way down, moving the lodestones closer together every hour or so. Once the candle has burned down, put the lodestones (keeping them together) in the jar. Place jar on altar in love corner of house and feed with fresh flowers, pictures of happy couples, sayings/poetry, and of course lodestone food. All the work is done in circle/sacred space of course.

An auspicious time to do this. Maybe next full moon? I will have to actually check with one of my friends who does astrology. I know none of that. And really... I might just ignore it like I did last time. Also I'm going to do one last round of cut and clear followed by self-love before this. 

So, technically I haven't really done the prompt yet, because while all the components are here I haven't actually done the spell. Whoops. Ummm... I'll work on that.. Be back with an update?
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