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New Year, New Me: Goals

Get the Itty Bitty Apartment Committy into ship shape
---Get rid of things that I no longer use
---Organize so that I'm not buying things that I already own

---Get to my goal weight
---Keep up yoga/capoiera/dance classes
---Eat out less
---Better teeth brushing habits (flossing i'm looking at you)

Be Awesome
---Learn how to do make-up 
---Go out and try new activities
---Balance work and personal life

Ok. My main problem with lists is that I can always keep adding to them. I always think of just one more thing. Unfortunately this totally goes for resolutions too. So I'm going to stop with these three categories. The mini-goals are the main points within the categories that I want to work on, and thankfully most of them support another. Like cleaning is supported by getting rid of stuff and organizing. Like getting to goal weight is supported by fitness classes and eating out less. 

This is going to take more logistics, but here are the parts I've figured out so far:

-Go to Sephora with Rose and get some good make-up and brushes. Check out pinterest for more make-up tutorials.
-Set up a chore chart in the bathroom with Brush/Floss/Mouthwash and give myself a sticker for each one.
-To eat out less, make at least two meals on days off (for 6/7 day schedules at Opera) not huge, but at least three servings, making sure to freeze one serving. This will create a more diverse freezer meals section, and the ability to grab and go in the morning. Also I think shopping for a certain recipe and trying out more new recipes will help. Eating out less will also help with eating healthier and further the goal weight goal.
-Getting to goal weight, is helped out by the activities and eating. And I need to get more serious about tracking with weightwatchers. It really does work. And I have the off season to really focus on it before the Opera season takes over. I think the new changes to the program will help too. But also trying to keep it fresh. Do like Victor suggests and try to focus on one healthy check each week or by switching it up to simply filling for a couple weeks. 
-In terms of cleaning, more FlyLady. The whole zone thing is awesome. And I've really been good recently about keeping the sink clean of dirty dishes by doing them at night and then putting them away in the morning, which helps so much! Having the new shelving in the kitchen will help for sure, in terms of the reorganizing of the spices/teas and canned goods that I want to do. Also setting up a chore chart for major household chores, based off of the FlyLady stuff probably, because stickers are awesome.


Active spells:
I've already started the process of the balancing act between work and personal life by starting to make my love attraction bottle spell. I have a wildly successful prosperity bottle spell already and I would love to have that same influence in my personal life. Since the first one worked so well, I modeled the spell in a similar fashion, just changing the components to reflect love and a healthy personal relationship. I've spent the last couple moon cycles doing cut and clear then self-love candle spells, and have worked with a mentor on the spell phrasing. 

I love how organically my western altar grew and would love to have that happen for the other elemental altars. So maybe pinterest boards/meditations for ideas for the others. The Morrigan altar is looking great, but I need to do more research and practice before painting Her statue. Need to get the shelf that will hold the love bottle spell up in the right corner (feng shui, why not?!) I am really loving the added dimension that having little mini altars is making to my living space. 

Card Talk:
What can I do to make these goals happen?
-34-North, Time of Day: Midnight --- Silence, Solitude, Peace, Mystery, Sleep, Secrets
-3-East, Element: Air --- Knowledge, Education, Inspiration, Thought, Science, Logic
-5-East, Landscape: Mountains -- Persistence, Dreams, Work, Focus, Goals, Solitude, Meditation
All of these cards layer beautifully together and really draw the eye to the center of the cards. In terms of making these goals happen, I see a need to have the motivation for these changes come from the inside. Keeping it fresh with new knowledge, working hard for what I want, and indeed also taking time to relax/be easy on myself. 

What road blocks are keeping me from these goals?
-27-West, Guide: Salmon --- Wisdom, Memory, Cycles, Tradition, History, Knowledge
-52-Below, Guide: Ancestors/Dark Goddess --- Initiation, Guidance, Support, History, Death, Choices
-21-West, Gateway: Autumn --- Reflection, Harvest, Introspection, Gathering, Resolution, Enjoyment
The Gateway frames the alternating Guides. I think the major road block that this is pointing to is living too much in the past. Being so caught up with reflecting on what I had been doing, that I'm not taking steps forward to make the goals happen. 

I'm using my wonderful Transparent Oracle deck for these readings because i think they work beautifully for guide work, as opposed to my Transparent Tarot which I have more of a dialogue with from the daily draws. I think it would also be good to do these draws around each individual step of a goal when I'm having trouble with a part of it. 

Mmmm... I feel there is much more work do be done in fleshing out the different goals, but at least here are the basic bones of the matter.
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