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New Year New Me: Making Way

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*Sigh* Fighting through the cough that will not go away, but I have put this off for long enough. So here's to working though...

Cleaning House
I am totally a FlyBaby. I love the attitude FlyLady has towards getting and keeping your house clean. Favorite inspirational quote: "Your house didn't get messy in a single day, it won't get clean in one." and "You can do anything for 15 minutes!" But yea, the site is weird and it's not really geared for apartment dwellers. I am also inspired to get rid of stuff and organize by a great blog and has a fun unitasker wednesday segment that finds hilarious gadgets that only do one thing. Despite all this wonderful inspiration my house still needs major cleaning work. Especially right now with all the crazy holidaze mess left around. Because I moved this year from a one bedroom to a studio apartment the major thing I'm working on is just getting rid of things. It's been a tough thing, to just get things that I'm not using out of the apartment. A slow fight but it's been really rewarding as small changes to small apartment make a big difference.
Other than cleaning up the holidaze mess and continuing with the normal Flight Plan, my next declutter projects are sorting all the herbs and canned goods in the kitchen and do another sweep of donate/trash/keep in my closet, especially focusing on the more formal clothes.
In terms of magically cleaning the apartment I am in absolute love with my Triple Action Cleanse and Protect Spray. It is made with live water and essential oils of camphor, frankincense and sage by the beautiful Susan of Serpents Kiss in Santa Cruz. It smells divine and is perfect for 'washing' my front door.

Spending Time Well
oooph... This is a hard one for me. I really do spend too much time online. Ok, ok, I will admit it, i spend too much time reading fanfiction! /shame/ These lyrics describe it the best: "And all I can do is read a book to stay awake, it rips my life away but it's a great escape, escape". Yea. FlyLady has helped a bunch in not only the cleaning aspect but in the spending time well aspect too. When I'm stuck in a rut I'll set my timer for 15 minutes and just do something different. Usually it's a chore but sometimes it will be painting, playing music, or going for a geocaching adventure. When I do manage that perfect balance between taking time for myself to relax(reading) and getting things that I want and need to do done, I feel amazing! I am also amazed at how easy it is to keep that balance when I'm focused on just being awesome. tl;dr---i need to spend more time being awesome.

Big Rocks
blah. I am "lucky" that uncluttering helps get rid of one of my big rocks. I don't have to watch hoarders, just go visit my mom. No cardboard boxes in my house if you please. I'm also working on giving myself permission to not be okay. But riding that line of being ok with not being okay and not wallowing in it. Also self-sabotage. So easy to not work out and to eat crappy food, to not brush my teeth or take my allergy meds, to leave things dirty, to panic at the last minute. Etc.

In Conclusion:
I think I need a chore chart. yea. Like those ones for kids. With stickers.
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